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Global warming FACTS

Airplane pics

OATMEAL cookie recipe (world famous)

Caribbean CRUISE pics and tips

Birthday Monkey pic

Pirate captains and their ships

Honey bee facts & pics

Car maintenance tips for GIRLS

10 Deadliest SHARKS

Greyhound dog race pics & results

Book recommendtions from PhD's (smart people)

Nuclear power percentage of use by countries


Hubble Space Telescope pics

PHOTO gallery - KS

Virtual IRIS flower garden

Wild Animal Photos from KS #1 Tourist site - Cabela's

Research report and pics for many countries

KS Buffalo pics

American Indian history link

TORNADO pics from air & ground of Greensburg KS

SCIENCE - SPACE / Keck Telescope / Hubble Telescope pics


Brewster and Colby KS reseach links

Greek Philosopy (how did that slip in here?)

WESTERN KS ZOO pic gallery

WORLD life expectancy report

SPARKY's farm animal pic gallery

Talking African Grey Congo parrot pics and stories

Presidents of America and information

Priministers of CANADA

G A M E . . L I N K S

FOOTBALL Superbowl past winners link

Famous DEATHS 2000 - 2004, 2005

Antique KS fire truck pic


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Caribbean CRUISE pics and tips

NASCAR info and links

Science about earth - how deep is the ice at the North Pole and more.

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