Caribbean Cruise

Here is where we went, what we did, cool tips for you and lots of pics.

Sparky, Spot, Benji (AC) and Mom (AC) went on a cruise departing New Orleans
with stops in Progresso, Mexico - Cozmel, Mexico - Key West, Florida.
(AC means anti clown)

Lesson #1 Cost
We used Cruise Holiday tours in Ks City. Originally the cost for 4 was about
$3,800. We looked at leaving Galviston, TX then switching cruise lines, then
leaving from New Orleans. Our booking agent then
checked out if we let the cruise company pic our room and got it down to
$2,200. Then our agent checked about getting two rooms instead of one room.
We got it down to $1,800. WOW !!!
Just so you know, when we did the tours on the stops and tipped the boat
room cleaner, waiter, asst waiter, and head waiter then threw in a few drinks
and a couple bottles of good inexpensive wine it was about $2,400 for a very
enjoyable vacation with snorkeling and helmet diving.
This was for a 7 day cruise with GREAT FOOD, and GREAT SERVICE ! ! !

OK here's your plug guys! Our head waiter was Gurdev (India), waiter was Toumi
(Tunisia), asst waiter Amlicar (Honduras), and room maintainer Carlos.
The Dr. was Danish and a very good young Doctor. His assistant nurse was
from Sweden and very good. Spot busted an ankle so we got to know them!
It's nice to know they have fine medical care on these ships!

Lesson #2 Choosing a Cruise Line
In the past we used Carnival and really enjoyed it. Carnival is a Spring Break
treasure for boys! The beach ratio is 20 boys to 1 girl at places like Daytona
while on the ship it was like 2 girls for every guy! Spot has a slight
preference for Carnival.
This trip we used Royal Caribbean! There were fewer college kids and more
families. The ship was designed to have lots of natural light. This means
when you are eating you can look outside and see what is goin on. I really
liked this feature! The food was A #1 as was the service!
Both lines are recommended. I choose the lesser cost and location of departure.
I do not like the airline hassels so we drove to New Orleans. One surprise
was that it cost $70 to park the car while on the boat.

Lesson #3 Where will your cruise go - what are the stops
In the past Caymon Island has the turtle farm and snorkeling with rays.
Both are recommended. I want to do more snorkeling next trip there.
They are famous for their rum cakes. Don't get your hair braided here, wait
as it is half the cost in Mexico. We stopped in Progresso which is a poor
undeveloped town. You can tour Mayan ruins or enjoy the beach. They have
wet bike rentals, boat sled rides, and kayaks. Most just find a shaded table
with chairs and enjoy a cold drink. Kids can play in the surf n sand.
Cozmel is developed. The town square has many newer shops, a Fat Tuesday's and
many shops selling assorted goods. Goods are cheaper as you venture away from
CHANKANAAB PARK. This is a national park with snorkeling, helmet diving,
swim with dolphins, Mayan ruins, etc. We did the helmet diving which was
an experience. Afterwards they told us we could snorkel at no additional
cost. The event cost included the $10 cab fair to and then $10 cab fair from
from the park. You did need to tell the staff at the helmet dive when you
were ready to return. Their English was limited but their service was great!
Key West has some of the finest snorkeling in the WORLD ! The water might
be a little cold. There is the outer reef snorkeling and the inner flats
snorkeling. Both are great!
(WARNING - Do not fall for the snorkeling in Tampa Bay trick. It is terrible.)

( more to come including agent name, phone, etc for booking )

Many cool pics to be added ! Real soon... check back ! ! !