Sparky's cruise adventures !


Sparky has been on about 8 cruises and a trip to Cancun.

Cancun is great ! ! ! - Stayed at the Carrib Real. Recommended. All inclusive!

Very safe and well watched by the police. Many day adventure tours available.

Oh, yes, this is a cruise page.....

Western Carribean is always great! Cozmel, Cayman Island, Belize, etc.

Eastern Carribean is more off boat time. St. Thomas (island of jewlry stores) is picturesque.

When visiting Puerto Rico go see the Baccardi Rum factory. Spot says, "See the old military fort".

The BEST scuba diving in the world is Cozmel & Belize.

Key West has some really good snorkeling - but chilli water.

CRUISE TIPS .........

Do not pay the extra optional amount for tipping staff.
Instead take $150 in dollar bills and tip the servers you want to the amount you want.

When getting on the boat and finally leaving the boat, keep the most valuable
possesions on you, especially jewelry. Your luggage sets out too long unwatched.

Buy your kid a "coke card" on the ship. For about $25 they get unlimited pop at any bar.

Sometimes at the front of the boat you can see flying fish jumping out going away from the boat.

Mark your luggage bags with two or three different colored ribbons.

Keep an index card with your phone numbers to cancel your credit cards if needed.

Have your email addresses of those you want to send email to.

Relax, enjoy, meet new people, see the shore excursions, do not gamble too much.

Do not buy art work on the boat, but enjoy the free champaign.

Cruise pictures here they are ! ! !

Royal Caribbean Legand of the Seas (our ship) in Belize.

P I R A T E Ship below ! !

Downtown COZMEL MEXICO below

Port shopping in BELIZE

Small island off Belize