DIET tips that SpaKY uses!

Remember, "Once past the lips, forever on the hips!"

This is what SparKY does. Consult your physician for your own plan.

1) No pop, for sure no diet pop!

NO DIET POP, NO DIET SODA, NO DIET POP, none - nada - zip.
It causes an INCREASE in your appetite ! ! !

2) Drink water through the day.

3) No deserts.


5) Eat all the vegatables you want (carrots, but not potatoes).
peas, beets, sour kraut, corn, green beans (not beans).

6) Cut back on the carbs - bread, potatoes, beans, etc.

7) Green salads are good - not too much dressing.

8) No balogne (cheap meats). Chicken, steaks, jerky are good.

9) Daily I take one "colon cleanser" - a fiber based laxitive of sorts.

10) Eat modestly - no feeding frenzies. Enjoy but eat slower, chew more, stop sooner.

11) Little or no mayonaise.

Sparky is -25 lbs over four months and the blood pressure is down to normal.

Exercise in moderation is important to maintaining your weight and health!

Sparky does lots of stretching to maintain FLEXIBILITY and range of motion.

Read Sparky's information on vitamins, green tea and liquid minerals!
They are very, very important to your health also.

Remember this, "When you have your health you have everything!"

Unfortunately, we never realize that until we loose our health.