* * * * * EARTH's Continental plate movements, dinosaur extinction, man * * * * *

History of the EARTH.

Earth is 4.4 billion years old. Most of the early time it was lifeless.

1 billion years ago there was one continent -Rodenia- with the US and Canada at the heart.

700 million years ago the earth was covered in ice, one mile thick on the oceans.

Temperature was 40 below. Only life was bacteria in the ocean. Ice held in the center earth heat, later to explode.

650 million years ago, massive eruptions cause greenhouse gas release and earth heating.

With increase CO2 came plants and then very high Oxygen levels.

500 million years ago, life explodes in the oceans.

Complex life forms develop in the ocean, high oxygen levels, Ozone forms in the atmosphere.

Ozone layer protects life on land from Ultra Violet radiation allowing emergence of land creatures.

400 million years ago EARTH is a TROPICAL SWAMP.

250 million years ago Siberia erupts in volcanos that last a MILLION years!

95% of life on earth goes extinct because of the valcanic activities.

200 million years ago earliest dino's develop.

180 million years ago PANJEA splits. Thats the continents of North & South America leaving Europe & Africa.

Volcanic activity with the continent splits cause CO2 levels to rise by 500%.

This spurs plant life which will then cause Oxygen levels to rise - which is

a requirement for BIG DINOSAURS to develop on earth.

125 to 150 million years ago DINOSAURS began their rule on EARTH.

Did you know there are dinosaur fossils in ANTARCTICA nearest Australia?

65 million years ago a meteor 6 miles long hit the earth leaving a crater 100 miles wide.

This event caused a layer of dust to blanket the earth for years killing off big dinosuars.

At the same time massive volcanic activity in Western India combine to cause

75% of life on earth goes EXTINCT from these events!

Now the world of the mamals begins.

2 million years ago there were ERECTUS (two legs walking) primates in Africa.

76,000 years ago TOBA, a SUPER VOLCANO, erupts putting a cloud in the atomosphere for years, cooling the earth.

4 of 9 species of mankind go extinct. About 2,000 to 10,000 humans survive this event worldwide.

This is convirmed by DNA studies, the bottle neck effect in history. Human survivors lived near the equator.

10,000 years ago we start having a history of mankind.

NOTES: Dinosaurs that lived include all BIRDS!

Other animals include SHARKS, ALLIGATORS, many water animals & fish.

Dinosaur PICURE Library!

* * * ******** N O W / / The future ******** * * *

15,000 years in our future, an ICE AGE covers NEW YORK with a galcier. All of Canada and the Northern US also.

250 million years the US and Europe continents combine again!

2 billion years the Earth's core cools becoming hard and we loose our atmosphere.

We become a spent planet like MARS, with NO ATMOSPHERE.