Sparky's pet African Grey Congo parrots !

Here is a picture of Maynard and Elmo.
Pic #1

These birds have a body temperature of 103 degrees, so the seldom get sick.

They are very smart and talk very good. They bond with one person.

They will bite other people. They love cooked rice & beans, bannanas,

grapes, and nuts.

Here are some of the things they say,

"Kids, get your dirty clothes down stairs NOW !"

"Ready? Let's go !"

"Time to EAT !" - heard at 5:45 pm to 6:00 pm nightly


"Cracker ?"

The new words are "peanut" and "spray water".

The favorite foods are grapes, fried egg, cooked rice.

Elmo and Maynard were blood tested and are both girls!

Lucky is the new boy bird of the same age.

Maynard was mean to Lucky, so Elmo got to spend time with Lucky.

A mating box is being prepared and added food dishes for the birdies.

Maynard will have to move to another room to give the love birds privacy!

There will be more pictures and information about these birds over time.