CooL Air Planes !!!

Their are high wing and low wing planes.
Most have a nose wheel but some have a little tail wheel.
A few are small single seaters but most are 2 to 4 seaters.
Most are single engine but some have two engines (smaller planes).

More advanced planes have propellers that will change angles.
This allows for more power as the propeller can bite into air better.

Small planes usually use 101LL or 101 Octain Low Lead gas.
Cars use 87, 89 or 91 Octain Lead free gas. Octains vary some.

Air Plane engines must be check and repaired per strict government
standards. Strict rules govern the maintenance of air planes as well
as flying them. Flying an air plane is COOL!!!

Busier Air Ports have a CONTROL TOWER that allows air planes to enter
their air space. The job of an air traffic controller is to keep the
air planes flying safely. Pilots request permission to land, take off,
or enter a CONTROL TOWER's air space which are located at air ports.

Nice Lear Jet below

More AIR PLANE pictures (click me)