Branches of the US Government

The US Government is made up of three branches.

First - Legislative branch in charge of "Law Making" (Congress & Senate).

Second - Executive branch in charge of "Law Enforcement" (President & staff).

Third - Judicial branch in charge of "Law Determination" (Court system).

Congressional representatives represent a population base.
Larger population centers have more representatives.
In 2005 there are 539 congressional representatives.

The Senate is made up of two elected representative from each state.
There are 100 Senators.
Yes, that means there are exactly 50 states that make up our United States.
Spot thought there were 51 states. Wrong Spot, wrong.

The Executive branch is represented by the Presidend and the appointed staff.
These appointed positions include Attorney General, head of the State Department,
the heads of Commerce, Defense, etc.

The Judicial branch is represented by our court system.
The highest is the Supreme court, the the Circuit courts which represent
regions of the US, and then there District courts, Special courts, and finally
there are the Federal courts. If you break a "Federal Law" you go to the Federal court.

Each state has a State Supreme court and lesser courts, the lowest being
the municipal court. This is where traffic violations are handled.