Sparky's wisdom information !

One of America's most wise men was America's founding father, Benjamin Franklin !

These jewels of wisdom will help you understand life better and be
more successful in life. Enjoy!

"A penny saved is a penny earned !"

"Pick your ruts in life wisely, as you will be in them a long time!"

"Take time in life to smell the roses."

"When your work is your passion, you have chosen your career well!"

"Succeed to become."

"Invest wisely!"

"Save for a rainy day."

STORY for kids;

If you had more money than you could ever spend in a life time,
you could travel anywhere, buy anything, do anything,
are you going to get into the car with a friend who is drunk and

Would you really be able to enjoy all that money if you were
in a wheelchair the rest of your life because your friend wrecked the
car and your back was broken?

Now, you don't have all that money. Are you going to get into that car
with your drunk friend driving and risk living in a wheel chair the
rest of your life?

OK, what is the difference?
When you've got your health, you've got everything! You never relize
it until you don't have it!