Sparky's BIG words - one !

These are words that help you when you are grown up.

--- regular words ---

grain - seeds that can grow crops or be use to make food.
Corn, wheat, oats, barley, milo, and millet are grains.

flour - grain ground into a fine dust becomes flour.
Flour is used to make breads, cookies, pie crust, cake and spaghetti.

elevator - City => box to take you up and down in a building.
elevator - farm => large cement building used to store grain, located beside railroad tracks.

--- BIG words ---
serendipity - finding valuable things you are not looking for (lucky).

oxymoron - a combination of words that mean the opposite of each other.
"Jumbo shrimp"

plethora - an excess; abundance.

persnickety - fussy about detail

boisterous - loud, energetic sounding.

sanguine - confident, optomistic.

In the future I'll add more words ...